Welcome to Youth Tree


We exist to permanently embed doing good into youth culture.

Our mission is to use creativity and fun to involve young people in volunteering, active citizenship and all other forms of making positive change.

Our vision is a world where doing good is as mainstream as cheeseburgers and breathing.


Volunteers (and soon some paid staff) aged 16-30 – but we’re not that into age limits

  • Non-religious, not-for-profit, non-political, non-sense, non sequitur, lemmings
  • Loving and creative
  • Friends not “colleagues”
  • Good at balancing our love of doing excellent work and getting the details right with our love of childish stupidity (e.g. building cubbies and running handstand contests at formal events)
  • Convinced that most young people actually care about things bigger than themselves, but often just don’t know where or how to channel their goodwill
  • Passionate about giving young people avenues to do the good they already want to do in their local and global communities
  • Convinced that young people are our most untapped resource for positive change
  • Growing what’s good, not fixing what sucks
  • Always asking ourselves why we do things the way we do, because there’s probably a better way
  • Fueled by idealism and grounded in pragmatism
  • A democracy not a dictatorship (that doesn’t mean everyone votes on everything)
  • Committed to sustainability and social justice
  • Committed to self-improvement and walking our talk, so we’ll shut up now and go do some work